Many kids have a natural sweet tooth that makes them more prone to developing cavities. This tooth decay can lead to pain and infection that affect eating, playing, speaking and learning. On the bright side, cavities are preventable. Continue reading to learn helpful kids’ oral care tips.

Establishing an Oral Care Routine at Home

Taking the time to establish a good oral hygiene routine with your child can encourage better habits. To meet general health recommendations, teach your child to clean their teeth at least twice daily — morning and night — with fluoride toothpaste. Additionally, once your child’s teeth start to touch, you should start helping them floss.

After three to four months, replace your child’s toothbrush when the bristles begin to break down and cleaning is less effective. Also, germs can build up on a toothbrush over time, and replacing it prevents infection.

Factors That Impact a Child’s Oral Health

Several factors can impact a child’s teeth. These include:

  • Food items: Sugary items such as sticky candy, fruit juice and sports drinks can get lodged between teeth.
  • Brushing habits: Neglecting brushing can contribute to tooth and gum issues.
  • Teeth grinding: Grinding teeth at night is a habit that starts when children are young.
  • Genetics: If a close family member has developed cavities in the past, your child may also be more prone to them.

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