Children’s Dental Exams in Portland, Oregon

As a pediatric dentist serving downtown Portland, Oregon, Fox Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics strives to give kids in Portland a comfortable space to receive a comprehensive dental exam and develop smart oral hygiene practices for the future. We dedicate ourselves to each of our patients.

When you choose to be seen by our stellar pediatric dental team, we will keep your child’s teeth and gums happy and healthy.

What Does Our Pediatric Dental Exam Include?

When we complete a pediatric dental exam, we will:

  • Count your child’s teeth and document the number of baby teeth and permanent teeth each child has
  • Evaluate for any crowding and alignment issues
  • Check for any existing fillings, new cavities or signs of tooth decay
  • Examine the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and the jaw joint
  • Examine soft tissues (gums, cheeks, lips tongue and tonsils)

Overall, our pediatric dental exam evaluates your child’s dental development and ensure it’s on the right track. If your child is experiencing any tooth, jaw or gum pain, we’ll assess those areas to see how we can fix the problem.

These exams happen as part of your child’s routine dental checkup that should occur every six months. Along with an exam, your child will receive a teeth cleaning, fluoride, and dental x-rays as necessary.

The Importance of Dental Exams for Children

Dental exams are crucial to the health of your child’s teeth. As dentists, we use exams to look for and prevent any problems with the growth and development of your child’s teeth before they’re unmanageable.

We help educate parents on dental developmental milestones and keep track of which teeth are in the mouth.

There are different factors such as cavities, gum disease, and a disposition toward braces that will change how a dentist treats your child’s teeth.

Regular dental exams keep tartar and cavities under control and help with early intervention in orthodontics to make sure your child has the best possible experience with their teeth as they grow up.

We Know How to Work With Young Kids

A large part of our philosophy at Fox Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics is encouraging proper dental practices early in life to instill good habits into adulthood.

Many parents question whether their toddlers can handle a dental visit. While they may be young, their growing teeth will absolutely benefit from a regular dental checkup.

If you have a 2- or 3-year-old, it’s essential to introduce them to a pediatric dentist to help them grow comfortable with the process.

We understand how valuable it is to make our patients feel safe, so we create an environment they can trust. Our goal is to lessen dentist anxiety in your child, introduce oral hygiene practices and help them take care of their teeth well into the future.

Schedule an Appointment for a Toddler Dental Exam in Portland, Oregon

At Fox Kids Dentistry, we help kids keep their teeth strong and happy as they grow. We continually work to streamline the dental exam process to make it a comfortable experience for our patients, so they develop a healthy relationship with dental checkups.

The dental checkup appointment is equally important for the parent, as it is the child, as parents can walk away from the appointment with a firm understanding of the state of their child’s oral health.

If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment with our pediatric dentist, Dr. Dana Fox, give us a call at 503-223-5039 or contact us online.