Pediatric Dentistry Fluoride Varnish Treatments in Portland, Oregon

At Fox Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics, we provide fluoride varnish dental treatments for our patients to help prevent cavities and keep their teeth healthy and strong. We believe in helping children form a strong foundation of healthy habits with regular dental treatments.

Our board-certified pediatric dentist, Dr. Dana Fox, does this by creating an environment where kids can feel comfortable and safe.

Fluoride varnish treatments are generally performed at your child’s dental checkup appointment in conjunction with their cleaning, exam, and x-rays.

What Is Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride is a natural element that creates a protective barrier on the teeth. It incorporates into the crystalline structure of the enamel, making it harder, stronger, and more resistant to cavities.

While your kids may use fluoride products like fluoride toothpaste, fluoride supplements or infant formula with added fluoride, the amount may not be enough on its own. Professional fluoride treatments are concentrated pastes that safeguard the teeth, and work best when applied every six months.

The types of fluoride treatments provided in most dental offices are in the form of varnish, foam or gel, with varnish being the most common in the pediatric setting. We’ll determine how often your child needs fluoride treatment based on their oral health status, cavity risk rating, and age.

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How Does The Treatment Work?

We brush the fluoride varnish treatment right onto the surface of the teeth, and your child can eat and drink immediately after their appointment! It takes just a matter of seconds to apply the topical varnish and is widely accepted by patients due to a variety of kid-friendly flavors.

Why Is Fluoride Varnish Important?

Over a person’s lifetime, their teeth lose minerals and the strength of their enamel decreases. With less tooth enamel, the teeth become more susceptible to bacteria that can cause cavities and tooth decay.

Fluoride works like a shield by deflecting harmful bacteria and supporting remineralization in the teeth. This proactive application can prevent tooth decay from reaching deeper areas that could lead to more significant problems later on.

When our dental professionals strategically use fluoride, they can even stop cavities in their tracks. Small cavities protected by fluoride and treated with regular brushing and flossing could stop growing and avoid the need for filling.

Having your child receive fluoride varnish has several benefits, as it strengthens teeth to prevent cavities. Applying fluoride varnish is especially vital in pediatric patients because this treatment ensures that their enamel is as strong as possible for both baby teeth and adult teeth. In addition, teaching your child about the importance of fluoride and dental health will continue their positive dental habits.

Is Flouride in Drinking Water?

Some cities add fluoride into their community’s water because continuous fluoride intake can help strengthen and protect teeth. However, there is no water fluoridation system in the city of Portland.

Paired with fluoride mouthwash and toothpaste, the fluoride in drinking water can be effective, but we will work with our families to make sure your child is receiving the appropriate amount of systemic and topical fluoride. Still, there are other ways to protect your child’s teeth and prevent cavities aside from having fluoride in the water. If your child receives fluoride treatments at the dentist while also using fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash at home, their chances of getting cavities decrease significantly.

By implementing multiple prevention methods and encouraging good diet and oral hygiene practices at home, your child will learn effective dental practices from a young age. These dental habits will help them have stronger enamel, which will lead to healthier teeth in the future.

At Fox Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics, we do our part to encourage your kid’s good dental habits. When they visit our office, we’ll make them as comfortable as possible, so they’ll feel at ease and will be happy to return.

Can Fluoride Cause White Spots on Teeth?

Exposure to too much fluoride over a long period during childhood can potentially cause white spots on your child’s adult teeth. We refer to this condition as fluorosis, and it’s most common in children younger than 8 years old. Risk for fluorosis can only occur during childhood, when permanent tooth buds are still forming and developing. Excessive fluoride as a teen or adult cannot cause fluorosis is because adult teeth have already fully matured.

Your child is more likely to develop fluorosis if they ingest too much fluoride. These amounts come from swallowing excessive amounts of toothpaste, drinking overly fluoridated water, and taking fluoride supplements, all at the same time.

Preventing fluorosis is easy, as it involves teaching your child healthy dental practices. Help them understand that the correct amount of fluoride will protect their teeth and prevent cavities. Your child’s teeth will thrive when you teach your kid the best practices to use. Good dental habits create a healthier smile and decrease your child’s chances of developing fluorosis.

Fluoride Varnish for Toddlers

Our fluoride treatments can be a part of your child’s regular dental checkup to encourage healthy teeth. If you’re not sure about fluoride, feel free to chat with us. We’ll discuss your options and see if our fluoride treatment is right for your child.

We want our patients to feel comfortable and develop healthy dental habits early in life. While fluoride can be a part of this process, it’s only one piece of a much larger picture.

When your child visits Fox Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics in Portland, Oregon, we’ll teach them good oral hygiene and help them feel confident about their habits.

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