Baby teeth coming in early.

While the timing of teething varies from baby to baby, you may want to know some general guidelines of what to look for and when. That way, you’re ready to support your child during this important time, especially if their teeth come in early.

How Early Can Babies Start Teething?

While babies can begin teething as early as three months after birth, many parents won’t see their baby’s first tooth until they are 6 months old. Most children have all 20 of their baby teeth by their third birthday.

Teething before six months is typically not a cause for concern because, in some rare cases, babies are born with one or two teeth or have teeth emerge when they are only a few weeks old. Generally, your pediatric dentist will leave these teeth alone unless they cause issues with feeding.

What Are the Early Signs of Teething in Babies?

As your child begins teething, they may drool more and start chewing on things. While most babies experience a painless teething experience, others may feel irritable or experience disrupted eating and sleeping. Does your baby seem unusually fussy? You may want to speak with your doctor or the team members at Fox Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics, who can determine whether an underlying issue is causing distress.

If your child does experience symptoms, they will likely occur as your child begins the teething process. In some cases, your baby’s gums may be tender and swollen, resulting in your child having a mild fever. These symptoms generally fade as more teeth emerge.

How to Support Your Early Teether

Regardless if your child is fussy or experiencing little to no pain, you can help support them through the teething process by:

  • Wiping your child’s face as often as possible to remove drool and prevent rashes.
  • Rubbing your baby’s gums with a clean finger.
  • Giving your baby a rubber teething ring or a slightly frozen wet washcloth to chew on and relieve pain safely.
  • Using teething biscuits or solid food if your baby has started eating solids.

Let Our Team Help You Support Your Early Teether

At Fox Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics, we recommend scheduling your child’s first dental appointment around their first birthday. Our team of specially trained pediatric dentists will offer personalized guidance, and we look forward to helping you create healthy dental habits for your childSchedule an appointment with our team to learn more today!



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