The Benefits of Combined Dentistry and Orthodontics Care– for your child

Here at Fox Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on bringing you the best pediatric dental care and orthodontic experience, all under one roof! We also know that offering kids combined care for their teeth is not just special – it’s smart.

How Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics Complement One Another

Both Dr. Foxes are dental specialists whose practices complement each other, like peanut butter and jelly, but better for your teeth.
Dr. Dana Fox is a board certified pediatric dentist. Pediatric dentistry is attuned to the dental needs of young people, from their first baby teeth up through their teens. Pediatric dentistry focuses on dental education for kids and their parents, and helps introduce preventative dental care. In addition, pediatric dentists examine, diagnose and treat dental conditions, injuries and disease through the most formative stages of dental growth. Pediatric dentists are also specially trained in ways to make kids comfortable when getting an exam and taking care of their teeth.

Dr. Paul Fox is a board certified orthodontist. An orthodontist diagnoses and adjusts misalignments in the teeth and/or jaws. Orthodontic treatments, including braces, clear aligners and retainers, gradually reposition teeth into healthier and esthetically appealing placement. Orthodontic treatment is especially effective in adolescence when the positioning of adult teeth is most malleable, which makes working alongside pediatric dentistry a natural match.

The Full Picture of Your Child’s Dental Health

When it comes to getting a well-rounded picture of what is best for our patients, it truly pays off to have an integrated perspective. Through early assessment, your pediatric dentist can anticipate when spatial or positioning problems may be a concern for a patient. Having an in-house orthodontist helps us monitor any structural dental issues that may arise, as well as finding the best time to pursue treatment if it is needed.

Many structural problems in the mouth arise early in life and are best treated while adult teeth are relatively new and more flexible in their positioning. When our pediatric dentist provides an early assessment of a potential problem, our orthodontist can stay abreast of the issue and be prepared if action is needed.

For patients with orthodontic work, having pediatric dentistry at the same practice lets us give special attention to maintaining dental health and hygiene in conjunction with orthodontic adjustments. Many orthodontic procedures require closer supervision of other dental issues to prevent decay or infection. Combined care is especially adept at providing that kind of attention to detail.

Best of all, practicing combined care gives us a fuller picture of our patient’s needs and an overall portrait of their dental health. When our patient records are backed up by personal knowledge and combined attention, it helps us have a deeper understanding of our patients’ dental history, providing the right care at the right time. Being part of the same practice, we can communicate and respond to dental issues as a team.

Kids Feel Comfortable in a Familiar Environment

We’re great at making a trip to the dentist a fun, safe experience. At Fox Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics we’re all about creating an engaged, kid-friendly atmosphere. Part of that atmosphere is familiarity. Through communication and introduction, our combined practice helps kids (and parents) feel comfortable in their surroundings. Our patients are part of our community and we want you to feel at home with us.

We’re also committed to responding to our patient’s questions and concerns. Whether walking a curious kindergartener through their tooth cleaning, talking to a bubbly tween about retainer care or discussing issues around fluoride care with an apprehensive parent, we want you to fully understand your dental health and the care we provide.

Reach Out to Us

Combined care has yet another benefit — simple convenience. Our office in downtown Portland is one location for all your children’s dental needs. Our practice ensures nothing gets lost in translation between different referrals or offices.

Our combined care at Fox Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics is a shared commitment to our patients to bring them exceptional dental services, expert orthodontics, and thorough communication throughout it all. If it’s time to set up a cleaning or consultation, contact us today and get started on a lifetime of smiles.


This blog serves to provide general information about dentistry topics to help answer your questions. The above content is for informational purposes but is not intended to be a replacement for medical advice from a licensed pediatrician or pediatric dentist. If you have a dental concern for yourself, your child or another adult, please schedule a consultation with us so you can speak with a dentist.

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