Accelerated Orthodontics Options for all Ages

If youโ€™re interested in straightening your teeth but the thought of spending years in orthodontic treatment has you hesitant, accelerated orthodontics may be for you!


How Accelerated Orthodontics Works

Fox Kids Dentistry and Orthodontics - Accelerated Orthodontics

We use a simple device, similar to a mouth guard, which with minimal effort, can deliver results to speed up the movement of teeth and shorten your orthodontic treatment. By using a hands-free appliance for only minutes each day, your orthodontic tooth movement can become considerably faster. Additionally, many patients report reduced discomfort with their orthodontic treatment.

The device delivers small vibrations, or micropulses, to accelerate the movement of your teeth. The vibrations are safe and gentle, and deliver less force than a power toothbrush. It is used in tandem with normal orthodontic treatment to deliver the same great result, just with faster tooth movement!

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