5 reasons parents choose invisalign for their kids

Correcting misaligned teeth is a great choice – it creates a healthier mouth and a beautiful smile. Crooked or crowded teeth trap food and bacteria easily and are harder to clean, while properly aligned teeth make all aspects of oral hygiene easier. Orthodontic correction helps teeth look their best, instilling confidence and a healthy future.

Choosing an orthodontic option is important, and knowing what’s available can help make the decision easier. In the past decade, Invisalign has become widely available – and deservedly so. Cosmetically pleasing, Invisalign also boasts a host of other improvements over traditional braces and can be used for a wide range of orthodontic corrections.  Here are some of the clear advantages Invisalign offers:

1. Appearance

The number one reason people opt for Invisalign clear aligners is their appearance (or perhaps, more accurately, their lack of appearance!). Traditional metal braces, distinctly visible in the mouth, often make wearers feel self-conscious or awkward, a problem that Invisalign eliminates.

Invisalign aligners have the decisive advantage of being see-through and barely noticeable when worn. The transparent plastic shell of Invisalign rests over the teeth giving an uninterrupted appearance that is unmatched, even by products like ceramic or clear braces.  The inconspicuous appearance of Invisalign gives wearers the confidence to show off their best smile with the feeling of nothing in their way.

2. Speed

Invisalign works quickly and efficiently to adjust the overall alignment of teeth. In some cases, alignment can be achieved more rapidly than traditional braces. The Invisalign process is computerized so that the duration of treatment can be easily predicted and, in some cases, teeth can be corrected within the course of a year to eighteen months.

3. Convenience

Another huge advantage of opting for Invisalign treatment is that the clear plastic aligner trays are removable. Traditional braces that are attached to the teeth come with dietary restrictions and are difficult to keep clean, even with specialized tools. Small crevices created with braces create tricky spots that can easily trap food against the teeth, encouraging decay and gum disease. Braces also make professional dental work and cleanings harder.

With Invisalign, the aligners can be removed whenever needed and no foods are off-limits. Aligners also have the huge advantage for dental hygiene, allowing the patient’s teeth to be more thoroughly cleaned. Although Invisalign trays do need to be worn most of the time in order to adjust teeth correctly (they should be worn 22 hours a day), the convenience of complete, quick removal keeps everything cleaner and sets Invisalign apart from traditional braces.

4. Comfort

Invisalign usually offers superior comfort for orthodontic treatment. Traditional braces have inherently hard edges and poking wires that can irritate the inner cheek, tongue and gums. The periodic adjustments of braces can also produce discomfort in the teeth and gums.

Invisalign takes a different approach to correcting teeth that is gentler and usually produces less pain. Invisalign’s clear plastic shell is a smooth surface that normally doesn’t scratch or irritate. The aligners guide the teeth into their proper place without putting extreme pressure on them, which can make the overall process less painful while being just as effective.

5. Versatility

Invisalign works great for teens and adults. While classic Invisalign is tailored towards adults, “Invisalign Teen” is a separate program designed specifically for teenagers. It allows the orthodontist to plan for the rapid growth and development they are experiencing.

Invisalign Teen has enhancements and modifications that allow it to be used on growing adolescents. It can be used on many types of malocclusions (bad bites) and can fix many tooth alignment problems. Teens can be just as self-conscious as adults about the metal mouth look, so Invisalign teen can be a great option.

Learn More about Invisalign for Kids & Teens in Portland

Invisalign is a great, discrete option for orthodontic correction. The aligners can minimize treatment time, are usually gentler on teeth, and are much easier to clean and maintain when compared to traditional braces. Plus, the clear plastic trays offer full access to great smiles.

If you think Invisalign may be the right choice, come see us at Fox Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics in Portland. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and walk you through the Invisalign process.


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